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<a href=_post-style-1.html lorem urna, mollis hendrerit lacinia vitae, suscipit non ante</b></a><p>Chicken combined with fresh tomatoes, salads, green chillies, vinegar, and spices and cooked in fiery hot potatoes & gravy.</p> <a href=_post-style-2.html urna lectus, tempus vel gravida eu, luctus et diam</b></a><p>Marinated chicken roasted in clay oven.</p> <a href=_post-style-3.html id lacus sodales turpis feugiat tincidunt</b></a><p>Minced Chicken seasoned with spices & cooked on skewers.</p> <a href=_post-style-4.html fermentum cursus dolor, ac fermentum nulla ultrices sed</b></a><p>Whole chicken seasoned mixed with hot 'n' spicy ingredients for that delicious flavor.</p> <a href=_post-style-5.html hendrerit rutrum nulla, eu rutrum tortor sagittis vel</b></a><p>Homemade cheese cubes cooked with aloo, onions and spices.</p>
Chicken Entrees

Spice up your taste for Ppoultry with fresh chicken with a combination of Indian Masala and hot 'n' spicy mix of rich ingredients. Explore our Dishes.

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Veg Specials

Explore a wide variety of tasty and nutritious hot 'n' spicy vegetarian dishes mixed with Indian Spices making them really exotic. Taste our Veg Portfolio.

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Tandoor Specials

Tandoor is a barrel shaped Indian clay oven used for baking breads. Tandoori food is low in cholesterol and good for everybody. Explore our varieties.

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Welcome To Zam-Zam Restaurant!

Zam-Zam Restaurant features rich traditional cuisines, bringing you the best from taste of South-Asian Region. All our Recipes are inspired by rich continental cuisines from the unique variance of our daily lunch buffet to our more distinctive A` la carte menu, Zam-Zam Restaurants will take you on a culinary journey through the largely diverse subcontinent of India like Rich traditional heritage of Pakistan and India.

Latest News
04 / 20 / 20129:30 PM
Special Lunch Buffet - Your recipes got now even more attractive through our Coupons
01 / 15 / 201212:00 PM
Chef's Special - We bring you most popular and exquisite dishes from the Indian and Pakistani Tradition.


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